Thursday, December 22, 2016

Freegrace Waterproof Lightweight Dry Bag 10L Black + Waterproof Case

I purchased this Freegrace Waterproof Bag to put my phone, keys, towel, sunscreen and a small bluetooth speaker in when we go tubing or canoeing on the river. No matter what we have tried in the past it has been nearly impossible to keep these items especially the phone dry until the end of the trip. I used to not take my phone but we had an emergency on the river once and had no way to call for help so I wanted a way to carry my phone without it getting water damage. This set is particularly nice because it does come with an extra cell phone pouch. The bag has a ziploc bag inside of it to help keep the water out and comes with instructions on how to properly fold the top on it ensuring it stays water tight. Speaking of which they do recommend that you test your bag in the bathtub to make sure it is not defective prior to placing any valuable electronics inside and taking them near water. The easiest was to do this is to put several paper towels in the bag, zip the ziploc closed, and fold the top as instructed and then thoroughly dip the bag in water so that all sides have been in the water, and then open the bag to inspect and make sure that all of your paper towels are still dry and no water has leaked into the bag. I would recommend you do this with both the large dry bag and the smaller cell phone pouch as well. This is a decent size bag which should easily hold one or two small towels, a cellphone, sunscreen, keys, and even a small bluetooth speaker. The bonus cellphone bag is clear so that you can use your phone while it is still inside the bag and when I tested it with my phone the touchscreen still worked through the bag. I did purchase this with a coupon provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product. I do not have any relationship with the seller of this product and they were not guaranteed a positive review. This review contains only my honest opinion of the product and I hope that you find it helpful in deciding whether or not you should purchase this item for yourself. Here is the Amazon link to the product if  you would like to purchase one:

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